About Us

The Texas Sealife Center is a nonprofit 501c3 organization dedicated to the rescue rehabilitation and release of coastal and aquatic wildlife. The organization was formed due to a recognized need for additional wildlife support in South Texas and the growing number of animals that are admitted to wildlife centers in the U.S. annually. Though we are in our early development, the enthusiasm behind our cause is contagious and the momentum and public support is continuing to grow. We encourage you to become part of the movement and join the Texas Sealife Center today!


Texas Sealife Center’s mission includes:

  • Rescuing injured or stranded coastal and aquatic wildlife
  • Providing supportive care and rehabilitation for coastal and aquatic wildlife
  • Successfully releasing wildlife back into their natural habitat
  • Educating and promoting public awareness in the conservation efforts to save wildlife


The Texas Sealife Center was formed because of a recognized need for additional support for local wildlife rehabilitation and the growing number of animals admitted annually to wildlife centers throughout the country. Starting in 2010, a small group of volunteers decided to fulfill this need and formed the Texas Sealife Center. Through dedication and persistence these volunteers are making the dream a reality. Diligently working to build and foster relationships with local agencies, organizations, and individuals dedicated to wildlife conservation has been the cornerstone of our success.

December 20, 2012 - The Texas Sealife Center was awarded use of the Visitors Center building in Packery Channel Nature Park by the Nueces County Parks Board of Directors. This has been the most recent catalyst that has propelled our organization into the next stages of development and growth. We are currently renovating the existing building to allow visitors to explore the projects and future plans of our organization. In addition, we are working alongside the South Texas Botanical Gardens, Texas Master Naturalists South Texas, and Native Texas Plant Society to develop a nature trail for visitors. The nature trail will feature our native plants and trees as well as the local wildlife that inhabit this area.

We are excited about our current progress, so watch for more updates!

Global Partners

The Texas Sealife Center prides itself in having a global view of wildlife and the marine environment. Partnerships with universities and other organizations and institutions dedicated to wildlife preservation are continuing to be made on a local, state, national and international level. If your organization, institution or university is interested in a collaborative effort with the Texas Sealife Center, please contact us at texassealifecenter@gmail.com

Our Support

The following is a list of individuals, organizations, universities, companies, and others that support the Texas Sealife Center and its mission:

  • Donna Shaver PhD – Chief, Division of Sea Turtle Science and Discovery, Coordinator, Texas Sea Turtle Stranding and Salvage Network
  • Tony Amos – director Animal Rehabilitation Keep (ARK) UTMSI Port Aransas, Texas
  • Keith McMullin – Mayor – Port Aransas
  • Mike and Lisa Muncy
  • Dr. Michael Womack - South Texas Botanical Gardens
  • Texas Master Naturalists (South Texas Chapter)
  • Native Plant Society of Texas (South Texas Chapter)
  • Sea Turtle Club – Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi
  • Ryan Fikes - Deputy Director, Gulf of Mexico Foundation
  • Jon Wood – The Raptor Project
  • Sharon Schmaltz – The Wildlife Center of Texas
  • Elizabeth Ruble and Julie Leadbetter - Ruble, Leadbetter, and Associated P.C.
  • Peggy Brewer - Critter Love
  • Coastal Bend Business Innovation Center
  • Earl C. Sam’s Foundation